Our Solutions

Amazing solutions for your process regarding accuracy dosing, batching system, BMS, Warehouse Historian Data, Tracking & Traceability, ...
Web report
The most important of the production line is the report of batching, parameters of CIP, COP, material set points and actual value of ingredients ... We can help you to create all kind of reports using web application for multiple purposes use. 

Product recipes
Using web application to create the recipe from Manager Computer and assign the PO or work order to opertors or production departments. This application will help your process easier control and tracking if issue happened

Control the workflow in your business process, minimize the issue of misundertanding, non-follow up, and create your smoothand and clear process.
  1. Tracking and traceability
    By encoding all ingredients, applied batching system, control workflow from start process to end of process, all your information about you products, by products, ...
  2. Historian Data
    Using specific historian software/hardware to store process data in long period with fast query, and multiple client instead of using logger printer as traditional way. We had solutions for warehouse data, cold storage data, cooling plant, batching process, CIP, COP data, Water and waste water treatment ...
  3. Batching
    Your factory produce batch manually, and facing the issue of process management, recipe management ... By using batching solution, you can resolve most of the issue and make your system more reliable, stable
  4. Packaging Line OEE
    Measure Overall Efficiency Effectiveness, downtime tracking, Top Downtime reasons, history OEE ...
  5. Web and mobile applications
    Using MS dot Net frameworks or php, relation Database MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle... We support customer to design the collaboration environment between department to departments, user to other users, Follow up, Task, meeting content, ... The benefits of using our services is all your information in the production line can also be connected and monitor or even setting in our software
  6. Weather Station for Smart Agriculture
    Automatic weather station from Aeron Systems is a wireless device. The weather station is equipped with Aeron’s versatile data logger which is custom made for weather sensors. It has analog, digital and counter type inputs for interfacing with all types of sensors required for weather monitoring .It works on GSM/GPRS technology to send the data to server for real time monitoring and storage. This enables the acquisition of critical weather information from remotely located weather stations and made available at central location.
  7. Weather Monitoring Station for Solar Power Plants
    Weather monitoring stations from Aeron help utility scale as well as commercial solar power plants to capture the data related to the weather conditions. The parameters monitored include solar radiation, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation amounts and other important parameters. The observations are taken automatically at least once an hour or at a higher frequency, if required. The GSM/GPRS data logger enables weather sensors data collection and transmission to internet and to your mobile, making real-time information available at your finger tips without binding you in distances. Lowest energy consumption among its category of devices, helps it run for days without charging. It connects with a small 5W solar panel to power itself and supply power to sensors connected with it. Firmware Over The Air Upgrade, user configurations through SMS, authorization for secure operation and other features make it versatile and user friendly data logger.
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