Our Services
As fast as your need, trusted and more
Our Services
Dong Phong technical team with experience in many years with process control, programming , electrical design, instrumentation, HVAC, survilliance camera... will bring you the best satify in your request service.
  1. Consultancy
    We can work with customer at the beginning of the project to advice the process, technical specification for you system. This information can help you to issue the specification for procurement, bidding process and even for yourself to develop
  2. Project management
    We offer a professional project management system and also the experience project manager to customer for the cost, labor, timeline, and also the cooperation work ...
  3. Programing
    As part of modern automation and electrical project, PLC/SCADA/HMI are always present. Our programming engineer are trained, experience, and follow global standard to develop your control system. This will help customer very easy for handling the system after everything completed.
  4. Fabrication
    Since you has already had a completed design document from other vendors or from the consultant service company, we can help you to deploy the control system to meet with your requirement
  5. Installation
    With the completed design and the existing machines, control system you had from many vendors, we can help you the mechanical & electrical service to install, connect all your machines to a completed system and more ...
  6. After sales
    A schedule after a sale, and deployment process will be held to support our customer maintain the system working properly and also have information for the preventive maintenance to meet the "zero shutdown" target.